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VINTAGE (noun): the time that something of quality was produced Some may think that there is not much in common between the empathetic writing style of John Steinbeck and the melodic riffs in Jeff Buckley’s recording of ‘Hallelujah’. We find that there is a poetic connection between the two, although it might not be what originally comes to mind at first thought. The creation of these finished masterpieces will be everlasting, but it is not just the book, the song, the technology, or the movie in itself that makes them ‘vintage’. Rather, it is the people who created them; their journey and story of which culminated the idea and the practice of following through with doing what seemed impossible at the time.

Passion is what flows through the blood and framework of what is considered ‘vintage’. It is passion that drives us and motivates us to actually DO. It is seen in the hidden secret of Marilyn Monroe’s smirk; it is felt when strangers join in harmony to sing to to ‘Tiny Dancer’ at a local bar; it is heard through the warm ambience that Audrey Hepburn gives us through her calm voice and dictation. Now, what do these people, these memories, and these creations have to do with a coffee shop & cafe? Every story needs a setting. We are working to build something ‘new’ out of these lessons of time-a place where you can find the balance of comfort and creativity.

We want to grab a beer with you and your co-workers after a long day in the Charleston heat. We want to dance to Eric Clapton with you at your wedding reception. We want to get excited with you when you run into your favorite teacher from high school for the first time in years. We want to live in the present, dream of the future, and reminisce the past. We have the setting, and now all we need are the characters. Will you play a part?

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